The York Culture Awards 2017 awards categories will be announced on Thursday 29 June.


The York Culture Awards 2016 award categories were as follows:

The York Culture Awards ceremony 2015/16 took place on 1 December 2016 when 11 awards for cultural excellence were handed out.

Best Culture Partnership 

This award is to recognise an outstanding York-based business/educational institute culture partnership, which has demonstrated an innovative way of working together to achieve respective goals

Community Project or Event

This award will recognise a small community project or event, which has made a cultural impact and has brought York’s community together. 

Cultural champion

This will be awarded to an individual from the creative community, who has actively supported/ significantly contributed to the City of York’s cultural scene (cultural event, activity or organisation).

Cultural Education

  Awarded to a school or other educational institute which demonstrates an innovative approach to developing creative talent by integrating arts into their curriculum.

Cultural Equality and Diversity

The Cultural equality and diversity award is in recognition of an individual or organisation promoting equality, valuing diversity and challenging discrimination through cultural activities or projects within the City of York.

Cultural event or festival

Have you been to a York based event in 2015/16, which you think was worthy of an award? This award recognises large and small scale events, festivals or exhibitions within the City of York.


For York-based films in any genre including landscape, people, abstract, feature, editorial or documentary.

Performing artist

This award recognises an individual performer or a group of performers from York who has stood out during 2015/16. We’re welcoming nominations for York-based performers, such as: actors, dancers, musicians, singers, spoken word artists and comedians. Nominations can be for one stand out performance which got your attention or for a collection of performances throughout the year.


This award is for a group or company who you have seen or heard in 2015/16. Has a production or show, produced or shown in the City of York, raised the hairs on the back of your neck, moved or inspired you? If the answer is yes we want to hear about it. Examples could include dance, music, stage/theatre or comedy performances.

Visual artist

This award recognises a York-based artist or photographer whose work has left a lasting impression in 2015/16. This nomination could be for one particular piece of an individual’s work or an exhibition/showcase of their talents.


This award recognises a York-based author, playwright, screenwriter or poet who has had some outstanding work published or performed during 2015/16.


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